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Walking in Circles

Edit: When first released on Newgrounds, the author removed content at the end with the message "removed due to size constraints. available in the iOS/android versions. :(" reducing the entire experience to an advertisement. However clearly this was not the author's intention as the game has been updated and does not appear to be any missing content!! Unless you count censorship of mammaries (as I'm sure some on Newgrounds will!) - but I'll chalk that one up to artistic license (the entire game is a tease after all). I've edited this walthrough to reflect this - of course the Newgrounds perma-review system means I can't do anything about my review - a shame because I probably would have rated a little higher had my first experience not been tainted by poorly-thought-through excuses.

For those interested, this is an OLD game: in 2005 it was available on Back then, the PDA could be used to communicate with other online "walkies". Now, it seems to be mostly for amusement: keep it open when you're wandering around and/or doing things...

The game itself is not that hard - you just need to find where to click:

  • You start in front of the console.
  • From the console, turn left and talk to Mel. Make sure you try all the options (this goes for everyone).
  • On the shelf behind her is a pill bottle (highlights when you roll your mouse over it). Click on the pills until she gives you a picture.
  • Go outside and talk to the drunk. A bottle of the table behind him can also be clicked.
  • Go upstairs and talk to the alien.
  • Stop talking, then talk again. He gives an envelope for Mel.
  • Go to the right, and look down at Mel. Click on her until she gives you a picture.
  • Jump down and talk to Mel. Give her the "present".
  • Go talk to the alien. He'll give you a picture and tell you about the photo album. Go downstairs and face the drunk. The alien will txt you about the location of the album - it's on the seat next to the drunk (arrows now appear here).
  • Behind the drunk, the doorway in the wall is now clickable. Go in to meet Nikki.
  • Talk to Nikki. The alien will txt you to be persistent - so keep asking her about secrets.
  • Leave Nikki. Wait until night (run in circles!) and go back to the Nikki. She is asleep, so you can read the employee periodicals.
  • Go upstairs and look down at Mel. On the right-hand edge of the ledge under the projector screen the mouse cursor will now change! Click! You will see a ghost drop down.
  • Wait until day and go talk to Nikki.
  • Go face the alien and turn left. If you wait on top of the mountain you will witness a shadow on a ledge in the distance get shot.
  • Go talk to Nikki.
  • Go to the alien. Click the eye above its head. You see another "ghost" scene.
  • You can now find Kimberley - she's downstairs - jump down the hole. Looking out at the table the drunk is at, you'll discover there is now an extra direction to move (double arrows pointing left, around the edge of the wall). There is also an arrow at bottom of screen when looking at the drunk.
  • Talk to Kim. She'll give you a picture. Talk to her again, and she'll ask you to find her 'zine.
  • Talk to the alien. Agree to help him take pictures. Talk to each of the ladies (wait for the alien to take the photo). Go talk to the alien. You'll need to help him take the pictures again because the alien is hopeless.
  • The photo of Mel shows you the 'zine is at her feet - go get it and give it to Kimberley. Make sure you read her 'zine: you'll need to click it on her belt (only it should highlight -not her).
  • Go up to the top of the mountain. Click on the terminal. From the hint on the bottle and the employee periodicals you should know where to click.
  • From the hints in the first and last excerpt ("lastcartoon" and "secretbutton"), and the last cartoon in the second excerpt being a dead giveaway, click that secret button already!
  • Go talk to the drunk he now quotes Dante, albeit in english: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" or for the educated: "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate". The Inferno was written Italian after all! The message on/in the bottle on the table behind the drunk is now "empty".
  • At night, go talk to Kim. She's playing on a VR unit, and will give you her spare unit.
  • Play your VR unit. Shoot Nikki, save Mel (or the other way around if you prefer). Play again, save Mel and Nikki!
  • Talk to Kimberly. She'll give you the magnifying glass. You know what to do.
  • You weren't paying attention, were you? Go to the top of the mountain. Turn right. Point the magnifying glass at the pointy mountain as suggested by the employee periodicals. Wait till Mel does a fly-by.
  • Go talk to Kim. You'll take a step around the corner, and the alien and three girls will all be there. Talk to them. At least twice!
  • Check out "walking...redits" on your VR unit.
  • Take a step back. Terminal Three is now accessible (that's the sign next to Kimberley). Before you catch the train, turn to the left to check out Mel checking the sales figures. Catch the train by clicking on the flashing red light at the bottom of the sign, and then the Terminal Three screen to get that train going!
  • On the train, make sure you take a look at the flipbook on one of the seats.
  • Once you get off the train, check out the television on the other side of the station.
  • Turn around - oh look the girls are finally in the hot tub. Cannonball!
    1. Kim will talk to you. She's a talker that one.
    2. Clicking on Mel's lips will earn you a kiss.
    3. Clicking on Nikki's top will... who left the black box generator running?
    4. Clicking on Nikki's head will make you look around to see if you can find that black box generator...
  • Go back and talk to the drunk. Skull check! Check out your photo album again. And what is that "old no. 1"?

Still working on "the more secret medal in that whole game".

Anyway, you might not need to do everything in that order, but certainly many things only activate AFTER you do something (e.g. you can't get a VR unit from Kimberley until you've checked out her 'zine).

And good luck with "Spotter Demo" on your VR unit. Try not to shoot Mel or Nikki by accident...

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